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Director:                          Gabriel Pac

Screenplay:                    Christian Ryden

Run Time:                       26 Mins


Gabriel Pac's directorial debut delves into an uncompromising tale of regret, remorse and social insecurity. Set amidst the backdrop of a politically ambivalent theme imposed on the contemporary conscience as we know it. The film explores Tommy O'Brien’s quest for redemption, in a world littered and scarred by fractured relationships and a tryst that only offers to serve up more questions than answers. Returning from a self imposed exile Tommy is greeted by a stark, almost transient environment. Through a series of flashbacks we begin to witness first hand, how he has arrived at this point in life and what must be done to bring closure on a secret, riddled with a consequential pain and carried by those he loves the most. 


Christian Ryden
Nigel Mattison
Gemma Cooper
Davin Eadie
Rosalind Stockwell
Adrian Salmon
Hannah Bates
Rob Lonsdale
Ashley Smith
Max Warrick
Lucy Close
Daniel Turner

World Premiere:        Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)
A soldier's quest for redemption,
returning to a past that no longer wants him.